End-to-end AI platform
to accelerate packaging innovation
The first SaaS tool dedicated to the packaging industry
Digimind's goal is to enable
the transition of the packaging
industryfrom a linear to a fully
circular economy by 2025.
We aim to achieve this by leveraging our inhouse AI software and material libraries
reduce material usage, increase reuse potential, enable recyclability by design.

Leveraging machine learning and advanced materials libraries

Leveraging machine learning and advanced materials libraries
First AI based light weighting
and design advisor for
rigid plastic packaging
Using advanced computational methods to verify performance of

packaging without any laboratory testing
Virtual testing platform
for new products
Sustainability, Saving,
Safety & Speed
Find the optimum in competing criterias

For every ton of plastic that we eliminate, we save the equivalent of


EU Households annual electricity


Less trees being cut down and used


Car travelling around the world


Barrels of burnt Oil


Passengers flying Berlin - New York

What we do

What we do


Engineering Services


  • Light weighting project
  • AI accelerated packaging design
  • LCA and packaging sustainability feedback
  • Virtual testing and validation (Manufacturing process simulation, Performance simulation, virtual qualification of product, material model development)



  • AI design advisor
  • AI lightweighting
  • LCA based digital twin for virtual testing (Manufacturing process simulation, Performance simulation)
  • Sustainable footprint analysis dashboard

Our technology

The DigimindCloudPlatform is your one-stop-shop for circular packaging design seamlessly integrating our Insights Solutions and our Design Toolbox.
Insights Solutions:
The PerfomanceDashboard gives you the insights you need on the environmental footprint, cost and energy savings as well as product performance.

The ProcessIntegration seamlessly connects all elements of the packaging process chain in one place commonly separated in multitudes of silos.

The CollaborationHub connects you to packaging experts, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and gives you access to software solutions of our partners.

Design Toolbox:
The AI Design Advisor helps you to make sustainable choices by proposing materials and features for new designs to meet the required performance and desired footprint with immediate insights.

The AI Lightweighting optimizes a given design to reduce material use and environmental impact in a matter of minutes.

The GreenDigitalTwin automatically tests and verifies the AI optimized design for production, transportation and use. With our GreenDigitalTwin of the packaging life cycle time, material, energy and costs for physical testing can be greatly reduced.
The Packaging and Material Library is the data backbone for the AI Design Advisor, the AI Lightweighting, the GreenDigitalTwin and the Insights Dashboard.